Zelda Breath of the Wild Summary Post

Over the past month, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Breath of the Wild. Here’s a summary of my posts related to it.

Game Design

Survey Results

I created a survey with various questions related to the perceived difficulty and enjoyment of BotW. Here are the results:

Here’s a link to the raw results and here is the Excel spreadsheet I used to analyze the data. I learned things from making this survey:

  • Plan out questions that you are curious about and use those to drive the questions you ask in the survey. Think about how you will use the responses to answer your questions. Don’t rush it.
  • Let someone else read your questions first to see if they make sense.
  • Proofread (I spelled fourth and third wrong). I blame the painkillers I was on when I made the survey…
  • Learn something besides Excel. Facetgrid and factorplot are better for showing more combinations of variables. The Python library Seaborn is something to look into as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn about these things until I had already done most of my analysis.
  • Small sample size is a limitation of my analysis.
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