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Kingdom Hearts: What Happened to Tech Points?

In the original Kingdom Hearts, Tech Points were a feature in combat that allowed players to get extra experience for taking specific actions in battle. Tech points are awarded when the player exploits an enemy’s weakness, parries an enemy attack with an attack of their own, or uses an enemy’s attack against themselves Tech Point …

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Combat Strategy Analysis – Xenoblade 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an outstanding JRPG and one of my favorite games of the year. with a strategic battle system that anyone interested in battle mechanics must examine. Battles focus on forcing the player to make quick decisions with risks and rewards keeping players captivated. Players feel accomplished and satisfied after achieving goals they …

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How Final Fantasy X uses Challenge Layering to Keep Players Immersed

Final Fantasy X (FFX) is a turn-based RPG originally released by Squaresoft in 2001 for Playstation 2 and remastered on PS3, PS4, PC, and now on Nintendo Switch, thank Yevon! Why is FFX so well loved and engaging? One reason is the use of challenge layering to keep players in flow. Challenge layering is the idea of …

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