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The Importance of Mario Odyssey’s Linear Primary Objectives

  While Mario Odyssey’s level design is open for players to choose what they want to do, the game wouldn’t be as impactful without its linear, primary objectives in each world. The moment you enter a world, the game gives the player a goal. The level is designed around guiding players towards the primary objectives …

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Evolution of 3D Mario Level Design – Part 2

In part 1, we discussed how 3D Marios were gradually becoming more player-friendly to grab a broader audience in 3D platformers. Mario Galaxy started the trend of more linear levels to prevent players from being confused with exploring 3D space. However, these levels were often a hodgepodge of random ideas with few challenges for players of …

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Mario Odyssey Summary Post

Here are my blog posts related to this outstanding game: Where did Mario Odyssey’s Level Design Come From? How Unordered Challenges make Mario Odyssey Special The importance of linearity in Mario Odyssey Super Mario Odyssey is outstanding! Here are some notable thoughts I had at the end of the game: The many different ways to …

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