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Don’t Make Me Think Notes – Part 3 – Designing for Scanning

Chapter 3 – Billboard Design 101 In chapter 2, we learned people scan rather than read. So, we need to be designing for scanning instead of reading. If they’re going to act like you’re designing billboards, then design great billboards. Here’s what you can do: Take advantage of conventions Make it obvious what’s clickable Create …

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Don’t Make Me Think Notes – Part 2 – How people use the web + games

Chapter 2 – How people really use the web In Part 1, we learned about usability and the importance of self-evident UIs. In order to create self-evident UIs, we need to understand how people actually use software. People quickly scan everything and click the first thing that grabs their attention. They don’t treat the web …

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Don’t Make Me Think Notes – Part 1 – Usability + Self-Evident UI

Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability is an incredible book to help user interface designers create systems that make users delighted. While intended for web and mobile developers, there are countless concepts all game developers will want to know. Here are my notes: What is Usability? A person of below …

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