Line Combine

Line Combine is my first released game. You can find it on Android Play Store.

Line Combine is a satisfying puzzle game where you must connect squares together with lines. In each level, arrange the lines you are given to achieve each goal in the level. Each level has three puzzles to solve, but you only need to complete one to unlock the next level.

From a game design perspective, having multiple challenges in each level enables less skilled players to stay in their flow channel by allowing them to continue to play more levels. High-skilled players can try to get three stars on all the levels for extra challenge.

I made the game over the last four months but only spent about 3-4 weeks total on it. The goal of the project was to release a game. I’m happy I was able to achieve this goal and look forward to writing a post-mortem on the development before moving on to bigger projects. There are several features that I didn’t have enough time to add (a tutorial, drag and drop, more levels, random levels, etc.) which I may come back to later.

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