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How to Add Layers of Challenge to Keep Players in Flow

One of the best ways to keep difficulty balanced for different skill levels between players is Challenge Layering. Challenge Layering is when games have multiple goals of different difficulty at a given time that players can choose to complete. If they become bored or frustrated, the player can make the game harder or easier for …

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Combat Strategy Analysis – Xenoblade 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an outstanding JRPG and one of my favorite games of the year. with a strategic battle system that anyone interested in battle mechanics must examine. Battles focus on forcing the player to make quick decisions with risks and rewards keeping players captivated. Players feel accomplished and satisfied after achieving goals they …

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How to Keep Players in Their Flow Channel

When we create games, our goal is to create an experience enjoyable enough that it holds the player’s focus as long and as intensely as possible. When something captures our complete attention and imagination for an extended period, we enter an exciting mental state. The rest of the world seems to fall away, and we …

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